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Group of Companies “Opticenergo” has been successfully developing in Republic of Mordovia and today includes 22 diversified companies. Industrial companies of the Corporate Group specialize in the development and production of innovative high – tech products.

EM-KAT, LLC.,is a part of the Group of Companies, started its production activities in February 2012. Its main activity became the production of aluminum wire rods, aluminum alloy wire rods for electrical-engineering purposes, and also a heat-resistant aluminum alloy wire rods.

Today, our company produces wire rod of aluminum and aluminum alloy of EN AW 1370, EN AW 6101, EN AW 6201, AL59, SvAK5, AD00 grades and heat-resistant aluminum alloy AZrK.

The organization has implemented a quality management system and received a certificate of compliance with ISO 9001-2015, which guarantees compliance with the standards of the quality management system (QMS).

It is important to note the high level of professionalism of workers. All workers on the manufacture receive an yearly qualification.

The initiative of employees is the key to the success of the company. The company actively practices the activity of submitting proposals for improvements. Each employee has the opportunity to constantly contribute their ideas aimed at improving production processes, improving safety, quality, reducing losses to achieve economic effect.

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