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AL 59 aluminum alloy wire rod

Specification 1712-002-91679523-2014
  • AL59 aluminum alloy wire rod is used for making wires of АААС, ААCSR, ААCSR/AW grades providing a high energy efficiency due to increased conductivity.

Characteristics and description
  • Wire rod is supplied in bundles as an undivided piece weighing 600-2,200 kg.
  • The type of wire rod winding into bundles – tight winding and winding with turn-touching.
  • Wire rod diameter is 9.5 mm (±0.3 mm).
Bundle overall dimensions
  • Height – 1100±20 mm; inner diameter – 550±20 mm; outer diameter – 1,350±20 mm
Chemical composition, %
Si Fe Cu Mg B Zn Ti Cr Mn Ni AL  
0.36-0.41 0.17-0.22 0.01-0.02 0.35-0.40 0.06 0.02 0.010 0.001 0.003 0.004 base  
Electromechanical properties
Grade Temporary rupture Resistance, MPa, no less than Elongation typical, (A100), %, no less than Specific electrical resistance Ω*mm²/m, no more than
AL59 165-185 8 0.02905
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