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Aluminum wire Rod

BS EN 1715-2:2008

Most of the aluminum wire rod is used in electrical engineering. It is used for making aluminum wires that then are used in cable wires, power supply cables, contact bars, power collectors, etc. Such wire may be used on a wide area of electrical networks, starting from domestic wires from power plants and at the actual power plants. Wire rod is used in electrical engineering as well: a variety of wiring elements is made of it.

Characteristics and description
  • Wire rod is supplied in bundles as an undivided piece weighing 1,500-4,000 kg.
  • There are two types of wire rod winding into bundles – tight winding and winding with turn-touching.
  • Wire rod diameter is 9.5 (±0.3 mm).
Bundle overall dimensions
  • Height – 850±20 mm; inner diameter – 555±20 mm; outer diameter – 1,320±20 mm

Wire rod grade
  • Aluminum wire rod EN AW 1370-H11;
  • Aluminum wire rod EN AW 1370-H12;
  • Aluminum wire rod EN AW 1370-H13.
Electromechanical properties
Grade Temporary rupture Resistance, MPa, no less than Elongation typical, (A100), %, no less than Specific electrical resistance Ω*mm²/m, no less than
EN AW 1370-H11 80-95 25 0.0281
EN AW 1370-H12 95-110 20 0.0281
EN AW 1370-H13 105-120 16 0.0281
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