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Production approach

EM-KAT LL.,started its production activities in February 2012. Its main activity became the production of aluminum wire rods, aluminum alloy wire rods for electrical-engineering purposes, and also a heat-resistant aluminum alloy wire rods.

The wire rod is made by continuous casting and rolling method which is based on an integrated automatic line produced by Continuus-Properzi S.P.A. (Italy).

Currently, the production volume, depending on the product range, varies between 900 and 1,000 tons per month.

Photos from production
A little bit about the production experience

In September 2012, the company reached its production capacity. At the same time, the development of the technological process for the production of wire rod from an ABE alloy and a heat-resistant alloy began.

Today, our company produces wire rod of aluminum and aluminum alloy of EN AW 1370, EN AW 6101, EN AW 6201, AL59, SvAK5, AD00 grades and heat-resistant aluminum alloy AZrK.

The company has implemented a lean production system based on continuous improvement of processes and aimed at the culture of eliminating losses; 5C system; a culture of continuous improvements.

About manufacture

The entire production process of the wire rod is strictly controlled, which includes 100 % control of the characteristics of the wire rod being manufactured at each stage of production, control of process parameters, comprehensive equipment inspection. In order to control the quality of released products, the company has a laboratory equipped with modern domestic and foreign equipment.

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